Tuesday, August 26, 2008

BlogSpot-meet your new master.

I've come to the shocking realization in the past 2 hours that everyone who is anyone has a blog spot. Up to 2 hours ago I had no blog spot. You can imagine my shock-up until 2 hours ago I was no one. I am now someone. Ha-I can't wait to go to my first high school reunion and shove THIS in their faces.
Anywho-now I'm here blogging my little heart out. I realize in a life that goes: Sleep-*Hopefully run*-eat-work-class-eat-work-eat-clean-sleep there isn't a WHOLE lot that is SUPER interesting to blog about. I also realize it's your problem if you are reading it and not mine. I'm saying I don't care that I'm boring if you aren't following. You can thank Big Dog Daddy, my mom and my cousin Sarah for what you're about to get yourself into.


hiccupp said...

Big Momma blogs when and where she DAMN well pleases.

Corinne R. said...

That's pretty heady stuff,I will be following along to see how that all turns out.

Language, Sarah!You don't see me using those kinds of words!