Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Da Stuffs I Do

I got a text message from Ricco Green today. It simply contained the old adage "It's never too late to party time." I reflected on it a bit and then sent Ricco a response text showing my excitement that he had remembered and thanking him for reminding me. I feel like we should all take a minute and remember that every so often. I'm quite sure Gink could use a helpful hint of that nature every once in a while.

To be honest it couldn't have come at a better time. Ricco always was one for accidentally presenting me with the most appropriate advice. Basically today has been hectic. I signed up for the subject test for the GREs. A wonderful $130 that I'll never see again. During the registration process (one which I thought would take a moment and involve me filling in my name and credit card information) I was expected to name 5 schools I wished my scores to be sent to, the departments I would be applying to in those schools, and probably a dozen other tidbits about my hopes and dreams that I had been putting off solidifying until just then. I grumbled something about being unprepared. Shannin, the grad student who shares some area in the lab with me, laughed that I didn't have things figured out yet. Maybe I should have been more on top of things? I have yet to sign up for the general test more planning and paying-I think I'll save that for another day... Anyway...

I finished up registration just before going to the second of two courses I am taking this semester. Although I am not a graduate student I decided that with my abundance of time I might as well sign up for a graduate level class offered by the professor I am working for. The class is basically presentation of papers (one per week by one student) and then their discussion. We drew numbers to see what order we would go in.

I drew the first date.

I should have popped a few Bayer before leaving the house this morning.

Luckily Shannin offered to switch days with me. Everyone laughed. I accepted. Duh. She's kinda my wingman today.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand. Is this the recovery blog of a stroke victim?

Corinne R. said...

Pay no attention to circus boy,
you go on with your bad self Mama.

hiccupp said...

ha..I read "I should have pooped a few Bayer before I left the house..."