Friday, September 5, 2008

chocolate + caffeine = science!

So here I sit in the lab at 7 o'clock on a Friday night-a night that up until noon today was supposed to be date night. Apparently my cells don't care that Andrew and I never get to see each other...

ANYWHO... People have begun noticing my squirrel-like tendencies in lab. To explain what I mean I will say this: Anyone who knows me knows how Big Mama gets when she's hungry... Not pretty.

In order to counter-act this unfortunate inevitability of long and sometimes abnormal hours at work I have a tendency to hide snacks at my lab bench. I currently have: A box of granola bars, an apple, and a 1/4 full container of chocolate covered espresso beans. Squirlly-I get their point. To cut to the chase though the last has become my favorite daytime snack (take note if you are responsible for providing me with gifts on holidays [hidden agenda of this whole blog]).

So here I am...staring down the long, narrow, pasture pippette of a 3 hour evening spent with just me, my spheroids, and my chocolate covered caffeine injectors.
Oh...and the paranoid fear that someone is stalking through the halls of the Biology Building East attempting to kidnap and torture me (an unfortunate but managable side effect of the snacks...)



Corinne R. said...

Yeah, here's the thing, you don't need any more caffine.
Luv, mum

hiccupp said...

yeah, here's the thing....I need those beans.

or else I'll be they psycho stalking you down the hall.

but hey, I attack wearing mittens, so it doesn't hurt too bad.