Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"It's amazing what they can do with technology these days."

This was the comment that my boyfriend (AKA grandpa Dahm) made this morning when we discussed the conversation we had with Big Wilkinson on his ibook last night.

These are the facts:
a. The big dog daddy moved to South Korea about a month ago.
b. He has been one of Andrew's best friends since forever and one of my main outlets for eccentricities since Andrew and I started dating.
c. We miss him.
d. We video chatted with the OG gangsta himself last night with our Macs.

Now that you're up to speed you understand how hillarious it was to me when Andrew very emphatically exclaimed how exciting technology has become.
We are getting old.

Atleast Andrew is.

Anywho that's about the extent of my excitement these past few days. I didn't even have enough going on to blog about nothing until today...I've reached a new low.

Oh yeah-I also became obsessed with the Sims 2 for PS2 this week. Andrew's really excited about that.


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Corinne R. said...

why are you stealing Will's blog posts?