Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Woah Big Mama...Woah

Okay-so a LOT has happened in my life since I last posted. Mostly cause I'm a busy little bee with a wealth of interesting and exciting things occurring around me at all times. Okay so nothing really that cool has happened. I'm going to blog about it anyway.

Basically I've only got a couple things. I will blog about them systematically.

1. The fact that Andrew may actually be slipping into insanity.
Andrew called me today and in a very cryptic way informed me he had kicked down a door. Yes... that's right. KICKED DOWN A DOOR. Why you ask? I don't anymore... It's just not worth it. Plus he's going to tell me whether I ask or not... trust me. 
Apparently the young chap was attempting to get into a door that had been locked from the inside. The lock had been deteriorating for quite some time and finally got to the point that a key could not be removed. Instead it just broke off. Leaving the lock useless. It had been locked anyway... leaving all outside unable to enter the home. It just so happened that the "all" that I speak of happened to be all of the inhabitants. He couldn't unlock the door... so he kicked it in. 
He then informed me (in a tone filled with more surprise than I would like to admit) that the trim around the door had come off. What am I doing with my life?

2. After about a week of calling the Willabong finally got ahold of me
I was sitting at home Monday night when I got a most exciting phone call from none other than the South Korea Dwelling Willabong. (This is where I leave out the part about me trying to figure out how to iChat with him for about 20 minutes to no avail). As is customary the Willabong entertained me with several tales of foreigner-based confusion (the state of being not the band). That was cool. I'm pretty sure he's going to marry a 30 year old Korean woman with a son about 5  years younger than him. Way to go WB... Big Mama is swelling with pride. (or maybe it's ice cream that's making me swell... whatever).

3. I have actually managed to procrastinate to a point that not even I am comfortable with the situation. 
I have a lab report due tomorrow that I was trying to start just now. The problem is that I just realized I need things from my lab bench to complete it. And I've already driven over there twice tonight. Looks like it's not getting started until tomorrow morning. It's a good idea...I swear... (maybe?)

That's all Big Mama's got for you.
Big Mama Out
(Big MawMaw Poopy Doopy Big MawMaw <-that's for Will)

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Corinne R. said...

What is wrong with that boy????? Andrew, I mean, not Willabong....although....